My Passion

Miracle Movies creates beautiful and artistic movies reflecting your personality and taste.  I have a real passion and talent for movie production and video design.  I specialize in commercial videos and weddings but my creativeness is obvious in all I do.

My Experience

I have an older sister that taught me the basics of photography and the importance of not missing those Kodak moments.  I always thought getting one picture was easy, but 60 per second was more interesting and challenging.  When watching movies, tv and commercials, I started focusing on fonts and transitions for opening and closing credits.  I closely watched the angle and perspective used to make scenes more interesting and dramatic.

After graduating from college, I purchased my first Sony camcorder and I started expressing my creativity.  By the time my wife and I had our first child, I was making all kinds of family movies.  As people viewed these movies, I started to get offers to produce movies for them.  I am located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and have been creating professional movies since 2002.

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